Fundraising Services

Inspire giving.

The Burke Group works with charities, foundations and other fundraising companies that solicit donations through direct mail. Direct campaign services are all the moving parts that make up your campaign. The Burke Group manages your entire campaign—from concept to completion. We work with you to write, design, print and distribute your campaign message.

We're here. Every step of the way

We build the letter along with the business reply envelope (BRE) that donors use to send a cheque or credit card number. In the Burke Group’s print shop, the die cutter creates a perforated line, so donors can tear off their donation cards, write down their amount and return their gift to your charity or foundation. 


Copywriting involves crafting the campaign message. We work with you to write a message with an effective call to action that inspires giving. 

Art Direction

Art direction gives your campaign a unique and compelling look that reflects your message. 

Data and Analytics

Data analytics ensures your mailing lists are accurate and your campaigns effective.

Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner is an official designation. Expert Partners have very high induction rates—another word for zero returns. Burke is an Expert Partner, one of a few such partners in Canada. Mail from the Burke Group’s Direct Mail Department seldom returns to Canada Post mis-addressed or unopened. As an Expert Partner, the Burke team attends seminars and classes on new software and learns about specials, promotions and offers to pass on to customers.