Graphic Design

Graphic Design

From concept to completion, our design team is here to help

Effective design relays messages and guides your eye across a sign or page. The medium makes a difference. A billboard or sign must communicate in a few seconds. On a flyer, the information unfolds in stages. A magazine needs an intriguing cover to convince readers to open its pages. Digital ads grab busy users’ attention on social media.

Logos and Branding

Logos and branding are the visual impression you make. Your brand is what you value and who you are. Our creative team can help you develop your brand. We work with you to explore your vision, mission and values. We conceptualize your brand statement, and strapline, story and translate it into a visual logo. We build a brand book with printing guidelines. 

Burke Group can create a logo that works online and in print. Our offset press guarantees perfect colour reproduction, so your brand stays consistent.

Commercial Signage

Commercial signage involves graphic design, construction, lighting and installation. The Burke Group designs signage that is visually stunning, while also functional. We create a look, build the sign and look after installation. We work with you from idea to final placement.

Print Production Design

Print production design is a specialized knowledge of paper and ink that ensures your finished product has the right look, weight and functionality. Burke Group started in print and therefore has in-house printing expertise, so flyers, magazines, postcards, banners, signs and books show off the quality you want.

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