Banners & Displays

Banners & Displays

Lightweight, portable and easy to transport

Fabric walls. A graphic printed on fabric and attached to a collapsible frame that opens and closes like a tent frame. Fabric walls are popular at tradeshows. One fabric wall can measure eight to 15 feet.

Banners & Displays

Tradeshow backdrop. A large plastic backdrop that is a cost-effective way to make an impression.

Tradeshow and booth displays. Burke can design a tradeshow space with signage and custom-made tables, chairs, carpets and other products.

Point-of-purchase displays. Branded shelving that displays a new product or product line. Point-of-purchase displays are common in grocery stores, pet shops and liquor stores.

Hanging banners. A banner attached to a ceiling or frame.

Scrim. A banner with a textured finish. Fibres that run vertically and horizontally add strength, making them long-lasting and good for the outdoors.

Smooth. A banner with a smooth finish. Smooth banners have fewer crisscrossing fibres and are more suitable for indoors.

Rollup displays. A banner that sits in a canister and unrolls when you pull it out to show your graphic. After your presentation or show, the unit retracts. Rollup banners are slightly larger than an umbrella and therefore are very portable.

There are three types of rollup displays:

  • Econo. An inexpensive choice that needs to go up and down once or twice and won’t do a lot of travelling.
  • Intermediate. You plan to travel with the banner but only moderately.
  • Premium. A more robust unit that will travel with you on planes and in your vehicle trunk.

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