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Custom nameplates and room signage add a professional look to any office, cubicle or interior wall. Burke offers custom lettering and colour choices for both the plate and frame to create a branded environment. Our nameplate and room signs are easy to hang and wipe clean. We can also custom build your nameplate and room signs to any shape to help grab attention, or reflect your brand. Our experience project managers can visit your site to do a walkthrough with you to help determine the best size, material and look for your nameplate and rooms signs to match the interior of your building. If required, our installation team would be happy to mount your nameplates throughout your building!
Nameplate or rooms signs are a great way to let customers know where to find you. Placed on a door or wall, nameplate and room signs ensure people find the right room or office.
Nameplate and room signs come in all shapes and sizes. One of the more common sizes for office name plates is 10 x 2. That’s for a standard rectangular shape. However, you can get as fancy as you like and we can make nameplate and room signs any size that fits your space.
Nameplates or room signs can be mounted many different ways depending on size/weight. For the standard office signs, more often than not, a strong double sided adhesive is all that’s needed. For larger room signs, they can also be stud mounted or pin mounted.
A popular option for nameplate sign is lamacoid. This is a 2 or 3 ply layer of plastic that allows us to cut names out in the top layer, to reveal a second colour underneath. This is a cost effective way to stand out. There are many other options such as aluminum and they can be be made to have sliding, changeable name plates.
Yes. Burke offers installation services to ensure your signage is mounted correctly and securely. From site check, to permits and electrical, we have the skills, tools and experience to get it done right.

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