Directory signage is used to display directional, informational or identification details in a building. Usually found at an entryway or central HUB, directories make it easy for your customers or visitors to find their way around your building. Directory signs can be made from a variety of material and can be custom built to many different shapes and sizes. Directory signage can be wall mounted or self standing and is normally located in a buildings lobby. Directory signs are great for hospitals, office buildings, schools, malls and many other large scale facilities. Burke will work with you to ensure your directory sign is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Directory signs can be any sign that helps your customers find their way around your building. They are typically found at the entryway to show where different rooms are and what can be found on each floor. Directory signs are a great way to direct people where they need to go so they don’t get lost!
Although material comes in certain sizes, usually 4′ x 8′, Burke can custom build and assemble your directory sign to whatever size you need! We will always work with you to find the best size to utilize material so nothing goes to waste.
Directory signs can be self standing, hanging or wall mounted. We can help you figure out which option works best in the space you have. Our sign experts have a solution that will fit your needs!
The possibilities are endless! Directory signage can be as simple as vinyl applied to your wall or as complex as a framed map on a pedestal. We can use a variety of material for directory signs such as wood, aluminum and other metals, lexan, acrylic and much more! Depending on whether your directory sign is indoor or outdoor, our experts can help you determine the best material for your sign.
Yes. Burke offers installation services to ensure your signage is mounted correctly and securely. From site check, to permits and electrical, we have the skills, tools and experience to get it done right.

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