Sign Cabinets (Light Boxes)

Sign Cabinet Light Box Edmonton
Light boxes, or sign cabinets, are installed to the exterior of a building and provide a cost effective way to promote your business and grab attention. LED lighting strips are inserted into custom sign cabinets (light boxes) to illuminate a translucent panel overlaid with vinyl graphics to create personalized branding. Burke can work with you to design, produce and install your custom lightbox, which can be easily updated as your business grows.
We can print and install both Flex Face and Lexan/Polycarbonate for your Sign Cabinet (Light Box).
Flex face is a flexible translucent vinyl substrate, typically with translucent graphics applied. It is best used for oversize cabinets. Using a flexible graphic helps reduce the weight on large cabinets. Lexan is a rigid plastic substrate, typically with translucent graphics applied. It is similar to acrylic but more impact resistant. Rolls can be up to 100” W, anything exceeding that would be flex face.
Yes. Burke is a full service shop. If you already have the cabinet but need a new Flex Face or Lexan Face, we can do a simple replacement of that using your existing hardware. We can also come in a service LED Retrofitting for existing signs as well.
Yes. Burke offers installation services to ensure your signage is mounted correctly and securely. From site check, to permits and electrical, we have the skills, tools and experience to get it done right.
Yes. Burke’s Project Managers can tackle signage permitting for changes to existing buildings, new commercial buildings, properties and for permanent or temporary signs, so you don’t have to!

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