Offset Printing

Offset Printing

Making large print runs affordable

The inked image transfers from printing plates to the page. On traditional offset presses, the operator lets the ink dry before flipping the sheets and printing the other side. Burke has done away with these wait times with its Perfector—a state-of-the-art offset press that prints both sides in one run.

Offset Printing

Many customers use offset for large print runs, because your per-page costs drop, as your quantity goes up. Once the type and images are pressed into the plates, you can continue to use them to create more copies at a lower and lower cost. 

Full-colour offset printing uses CMYK ink, which ensures your brand colours stay exact. C stands for Cyan, M for Magenta, Y for Yellow and K for Black. Mix these colours in different percentages to create any colour.

The Perfector uses ultraviolet (UV) ink, which cures instantly. Smaller offset presses use aqueous (water-based) ink. Heat evaporates the water and leaves the solid colours on the sheet. The Perfector uses ultraviolet (UV) ink, which cures instantly.

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