Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Target your marketing messages

Direct mail marketing reaches your target audience’s mailbox. Many customers and audiences ignore digital ads delivered through email, websites and social media. Mail can get more attention, especially when it is personalized and has a unique look and feel.

Direct Mail

Direct mail begins with a data list—your client list or a select list based on demographic information (such as income, gender or age), interests or geographic location. You may wish to target everyone within a 10-kilometre radius or just individuals interested in your specific product or event.

Your marketing plan can be cross-platform. Include a URL in your mailout that directs customers to a website with a customized landing page and a call to action. Customers who choose cross-platform marketing are finding a 15 per cent increase in engagement. Burke’s website design team can build a customized webpage. Our printing team will use variable printing to personalize your mailout.

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