At Burke, we know that you are always seeking new ways to expand your business; that’s where we come in. Our mail department will be an invaluable tool throughout your company’s future development. Through our mail division, we offer a full range of integrated direct marketing services, from list acquisition to fulfillment, inkjetting, tabbing, inserting and all mail preparation done to Canada Post’s Standards.


Burke helps make sense of the complex world of:

  • direct mail
  • Personalized mail
  • Neighbourhood mail
  • Variable data
  • Precision targeting

By targeting your mail, you will send out fewer pieces to the right customer.

Direct Mail Marketing

Our specialization in data for marketing solutions was developed by working with small and large clients, to implement customized solutions to their specific needs. We are flexible, offering complete custom programming solutions with some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. We are proud to say that Burke can handle your mailing marketing needs, no matter how large or small they are. We take every project very seriously, because your success is our success.


Custom Design

Each and every mail piece can be custom designed and developed to have the greatest impact by using tricks of the trade to improve response rates for marketing campaigns. We perform:

  • Font creation
  • Logo design
  • Signature digitization, with over 1,000 fonts, in English or French.

Burke Group offers complete custom programming to suit all our clients’ requirements.

Fundraising Mail

Let us take the stress of campaign management off of your desk! Burke now offers fundraising and campaign development. In addition to our outstanding design, print, mail and data management services, Burke is now offering:

  • Fundraising letter copywriting
  • Photography
  • Interview services

Burke works immensely hard to earn your business, and it is our hope that this is the next step towards expanding our partnership.


Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ Expert Partners

One of our greatest assets in the mail department is our ranking as a Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ Expert. Burke has a team of extremely skilled and knowledgeable staff who is dedicated to creating the most profitable mail campaign possible. By using precision targeting and specific direct mailing operations, we can help you to effectively contact new clientele in the most efficient way possible. We say efficient because it really is!

The Most Effective Mail Campaign Possible

Rather than mailing out 10,000 pieces in hopes that you may hit some potential clients, we have the ability to generate specific lists and addresses for people who will most likely be interested in your services. That way, we can help you in creating the most effective mail campaign possible. Our experienced staff can also manually validate the accuracy of your current customer data, thereby saving you money and improving your return on investment.

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We offer a full range of integrated direct marketing services, from list acquisition to fulfillment, inkjetting, tabbing, inserting and all mail preparation done to Canada Post’s Standards.



We have evolved from a commercial printer into a single source solution provider.


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