Junior Developer

Full-Stack Jr. Developer/Analyst

(Microsoft.NET Framework, SQL Server, Business Management Information Systems)

-TSQL (sp’s, cte’s, triggers)
-Visual Basic (.NET, ASP.NET, VBA, VBS)

-Web: Customer Portal
-Desktop: MIS & Estimating engine
-Shared DLLs for business logic
-Interfaces to third-party services
-Database management

-Visual Studio
-MS SQL Management Studio
-MS Access


This is an opportunity for a person to join one of our newer departments in the fastest growing and most successful Print, Signage, Mail and Design media groups in Canada. We offer industry competitive wages and health benefits for our full-time staff. Our company has a long history of quality of innovation which has positioned us as an industry leader.

Our Software Developer Team started as a 1-man team has slowly grown to a small team of highly specialized developers. As business continues to grow and scale there is a genuine need to grow the software team along with it. The primary responsibility of this job is to learn and extend on delivering productive, clean coding solutions for internal and external workflows. Our current software platforms include custom desktop production applications, client serving website, and dynamic shared libraries that extend across all technologies. We are looking for a young new developer that is eager and looking to increase their breadth of knowledge and develop new skills in a wide variety of coding environments and platforms.


  • Expected to know little about languages and environments used (BONUS if you do know).
  • Be approachable and can communicate to non-tech-savvy people about business problems/logic
  • Understand this company is a business with a software department, not a software company firstly.
  • We are very agile in development (dev team is small), expect working on-site more than remote.
  • Intermediate level use of Microsoft products (GitHub, Office365, Remote Desktop, Win10).
  • Can ask questions when feeling lost or when trying to understand new concepts.
  • Comfortable learning Front & Back End architectures.
  • Not a specialized position; expect working in all cycles of development, system/data administration and quality assurance.


  • degree of Computing Science or equivalent knowledge base or education in IT/technology.
  • Reasonable depth and understanding of algorithms, runtime and search space.
  • Fundamental knowledge of UX design, relational databases and management.
  • Good grasp of design patterns: client-server, event-driven, OOP, RESTful programming.
  • Comfortable learning multiple product platforms (web, desktop, shared library tools) and be able to contribute to discussions/implementations of workflows.